— Who are we? —

A good question, who are we? Don’t we all ask that question from time to time? Even as a company, you need to ask this question regularly. This is the only way to ensure that you stay with your core. And when it comes to the core of Domburg Train Support
Then two words come to mind:

” Technology & Unburdening “

Two words we value highly. We built DTS on these two principles. Your specialist in Engineering and a master of unburdening. We believe that digital model railroading has a place for everyone, provided
That that person gets the appropriate guidance and support in that. With an online help desk, online training courses and Hobby Days, we put some weight to this idea. With us, it doesn’t stop after that one unique consultation, it stops
with us only when the train is running as desired!

Who is behind Domburg Train Support?

Also called DTS, a service company founded in 2015 by Martin Domburg. Before that, active as an installation technician and motorcycle driver on national and international circuits. When he ended his
motorsports career, he resumed his old hobby.

A rapid learning curve in the then unfamiliar world of digital control brought in 2015 a service that could guide other like-minded people with installation and use of the hybrid Dinamo operating system, use
of iTrain and largely digital conversion of model railroad models.

In 2019, Martin quit his active job as a Measurement and Control Technician and took the plunge to expand the concept of DTS as an entrepreneur. In 2020, Ellen joined the company. Together with Arnaud, they now run
the company strengthened by a group of enthusiastic volunteers

“We want to be a total supplier that can guide the model railroad hobbyist from design to scenery, and everything in between.”

Uw partner in modelspoor en digitale techniek! Wij helpen u graag op weg met uw modelspoor hobby! Laat u door ons ontzorgen

Martin en Ellen in de zonsondergang in 2019

How it all began:

Hoe het allemaal begon: De Bijkeuken

The Scullery

Hoe het allemaal begon bij DTS: Workshops aan de achtertafel

Workshops at the back table

DTS: Een werkplaats in de garage

A workshop in the garage

DTS Werkplaats in Ermelo

DTS Workshop

In 2010, the financial crisis put an end to Martin’s active motorsports life, looking for a new way to fill his free time, the link was quickly made to his old childhood love; model railroading. As an installation technician
by profession, the move to the digital computerized aspect of this hobby was an easy one. The learning curve was steep due to the lack of necessary information and support upon which it was decided to do something about this.
So in 2015, the company Domburg Train Support was founded.

A simple workplace was set up in the utility room of the then home in Harderwijk. Where testing of technology, and mainly digitalization of N gauge models was carried out. Soon, workshops were also held
at the back table, and started Martin educating at trade shows along with a mobile conversion service. In doing so, DTS was assisted by a steady club of friends and volunteers who are still active for DTS.

By the winter of 2016, this space had become too small, and the garage was converted into a workshop. Here the large model railroad Stadt Schellenbach was already being built, but now also a growing business. Meanwhile,
the web shop made its entrance, and Martin began to gain prominence by producing specials and giving advice talks to beginning model railroaders.

The move to Ermelo

In 2017, even the workshop with its 12 m2 was already too small and the workshop was moved to the current premises on the Telgterweg in Ermelo, which used to house the workshop of the motorcycle racing team. Here, a new workshop
furnished with an area of 32 m2 and the model railroad Stadt Schellenbach was also moved with it to Ermelo. Later in 2019, the entire family moved to Ermelo.

From then on, DTS gained momentum; it became increasingly busy. So it wasn’t long until Martin quit his job as a Measurement and Control Engineer in 2019 to work full-time with DTS. With
a workshop, conversion service, web shop, workshops, trade shows and installation service, the company came on the rise. Until the Covid pandemic made its appearance in March 2020. Suddenly there were no more fairs, no workshops and also came
the installation service shut down.

Instead of giving up, Martin saw opportunity in the pandemic when it became apparent that interest in model railroading was beginning to grow. In 2020, the helm changed completely. Goodbye to workshops, and a new concept called
Hobby Days. In May 2020, the idea of opening a physical store was born.

For this, Ellen also quit her job as a group leader to join Martin in the adventure. As we have come to expect from Martin and Ellen, if there is an idea….. In September of that year opened on the Fokko Kortlanglaan
2a in Ermelo for decades again a model railroad store, and DTS became a partnership! A dream come true for Martin and Ellen.

The state so far

Domburg Train Support is in good shape in mid-2023. With a physical store decorated on Model Railroad and digital technology, good cooperation with colleagues and a loyal group of dedicated volunteers.

But also its own line of digital products developed with Vincent Bogers. Not to mention a well-stocked web shop with more than 15,000 products, an installation service and industry-leading servicing.

In addition to the store and web shop, our core activities now lie in building and realizing model railroads on behalf of both individuals and companies. With this too, we relieve a large group of hobbyists. Doing this
us in addition to advising and facilitating the model railroad hobby.

And that in summary, we can certainly say that:

Domburg Train Support is YOUR partner in your model railroad hobby!

The Great Little Trains Competition

Team roze DGKTC Seizoen 1

Team pink DGKTC Season 1 from left to right: Marcel, Tijn, Ellen, Martin & Arnaud

Surely a crowning achievement of DTS’ great growth was its participation in the first season (2021) of The Great Little Trains Competition on Omroep Max. A new program in which 6 teams competed for the title “best modeler of
Netherlands”. Ellen and Martin made it to the finals with their Team Pink where they fell just short of winning the competition by 0.5 points.

Still, participation has had a major impact on the company’s growth. Since participating, a waiting list has developed on job building and has caused Ellen to have a hidden talent for creating miniature worlds
has managed to emerge. She now teaches workshops and is working full-time in our workshop!

The rating of www.dtswebshop.nl/nl/ at WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.6/10 based on 2343 reviews.