DTS is your partner from design to realization!

Many people think that we have grown primarily by converting model trains. An understandable misunderstanding, the truth is that we became big by taking care of customers in their model railroad hobby. And this began
all, by doing this at the modeler’s home.

With our
Help at Home service we help everyone automate their model railroad.

In particular, building a good infrastructure (as read here) is indispensable for reliable operation and safety of your model trains. Through our specialism in installation engineering, we manage to both
small, as well as large complex model railroads to automate failure-free and operationally reliable. 

In addition to our home assistance, we also help you design a nice layout plan. Completely tailored to your needs and requirements. With this design, you can quickly gain an understanding of the materials needed, and you can build your model railroad
Have laser cutting if desired. Thanks to 3D capabilities, you also get a good idea of the final result.

But surely the biggest time commitment is realizing your dream, your model railroad. We not only design it, but we build it for you, install all the technology working properly, and if desired, we dress it up
him also with the premium products from Noch, Faller, Busch, Lars op’t Hof, VPS Scenery, RTS and Spurenwelten.

Feel free to look around this section of the website. Check out the various options,
enjoy examples and the by
completed projects.

DTS is your partner from design to realization!

Modelbaan ontwerpen. Ontwerp Limburgbaan deel 1 DTS Baanbouw

It starts with a layout plan

DTS is uw partner van ontwerp tot realisatie!

Good installation technology is essential

DTS is uw partner van ontwerp tot realisatie!

The right materials are key

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DTS is your partner from design to realization!

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