Conversion and repair service

Looking for a conversion and repair service? Your model trains are your precious possessions, and we would like them to stay in top condition! Nevertheless, sooner or later everyone has to deal with maintenance, because like all mechanical products , they wear out. Is that a big problem? We don't think so!

Domburg Train Support offers as a service to repair, overhaul and convert your model trains to digital. With this service we once started our company, and with success. In the meantime more than 2000 locomotives converted locomotives driving around Europe.

We have a very high standard of quality, which means that we inspect every model in advance and check whether the desired job makes sense and is worth the amount you pay for it. We do not digitize and repair not just like that, but only if the result will also be satisfactory.

Any locomotive can be converted to digital!

Our philosophy is that any locomotive can be made digital, we don't care what scale! From scale Z to scale 1. The question is more whether the model is worth converting. This is up to you, we will give you a report and add a price indication. If you agree with the quote we will start your job.

Besides overhaul, repair and decoder installation, you can also come to us by replacing motors (SB Modellbau or Clock Anchor), interior lighting or LED lighting! We have all the specialism in house. 

Note (here comes that catch).

There is a good reason why we call this a "service." From repairing, overhauling and rebuilding locomotives, we cannot keep the proverbial stove smoking. If we were to charge you for the service on an hourly basis, it would become very expensive. To make the service still somewhat affordable, we have low prices that we base on a full week of labor for our specialist.

This automatically means that we do not perform the work daily, but save up until a time when the service makes sense to perform. In this way, we can ensure that the service will always be available to you.

In practice, it tells us that we schedule a week each month to perform this service. This is highly dependent also on availability of materials and decoders. Please note that the average lead time from registration to execution is 6-12 months for regular orders.

Does it take too long?

No problem, we can also schedule your job as a project. In that case, you agree to pay the regular hourly rate ( see here).
Your project will then be scheduled in consultation with you after providing the quote and your agreement.

US Seaboard in N scale equipped with light and sound

Piko NS 1200 in N scale with knocking sound

BR 103 in scale Z equipped with sound and light

BR 64 in scale N with gound and Powerpack

How does our conversion and repair service work?

Our service works quite simply and clearly:

Step 1: Sign in

At the bottom of this page you will find an registration form. You fill it in and then send it digitally to our workshop.
Our conversion specialist will register it in our system on occasion and you will receive a confirmation of this by e-mail. This comes in the form of a "ticket" with a unique number.

Note: Do NOT send the model yet, do this only when instructed by us.

Step 2: Wait for contact

As soon as your order can be processed by our specialist, he will contact you. If possible, he will provide you with a quote (subject to inspection), or ask to offer the model if necessary for an appropriate offer.

Step 3: Sending

Once your quote is approved by you, we will ask you to submit the model to us.
Please do this on instructions from us, and not on your own initiative!

Step 4: Sit back

Once we take delivery of your model, our specialist will give an inspection to the model. He will check it for flaws and defects, and document them. In addition, he will assess the model's suitability for the task you have given.

Before the work begins, any findings will be shared with you.
If you do not hear from us, then your model has been found suitable for the assignment.

Step 5: The moment at stake

Once the specialist has completed your job, he will provide you with an email. In this e-mail you will find the work order with the costs and materials incurred. He will also have written in here a report of the conversion, and the results of the tests.

If you wish, you can ask us via ask for moving pictures of your model on our test track. We will share these with you via Whatsapp or Telegram.

After agreement and receipt of payment, we will send the model to you by PostNL or DHL if you wish. Pick up in our store or at one of the exhibitions is also a possibility.


Practice has shown that 100% guarantee of a good outcome is not possible. We work with used model trains, often older and worn out. But the chance of an accident is in a small corner, even with us it goes sometimes goes wrong. There is also no guarantee that the model, despite our intensive test work, will function properly in your home. Because your model layout has other characteristic factors than ours.

In conclusion

Do not worry, we will not let you down even then. With us you get the commitment that even then we will try to solve your problem. If this is due to an error on our part, then of course under warranty. If the problem is not caused by our service we will assist you to solve this problem.

We find unburdening you very important, we see this as part of the quality. 

The prices of conversion and repair

Just fixing something?


Minor repairs

Replacement of parts

Programming decoders

Solving small problems


Engine overhaul

The engine is completely overhauled

New carbon brushes included

Bogies are cleaned

The model is re-lubricated


Replacing non-slip straps

Replacing the anti-slip straps

Non-slip straps included

For floatation a surcharge of € 30, -.

The standard conversion work


Installation of NEM decoder in a prepared locomotive

NEM 651, NEM 651, Plux, Next and MTC

Programming decoder

Decoder not included


Installation of decoders in locomotives without preparation for digital.

Locomotive overhaul included

Programming decoder

Decoder not included


Installation of multiple decoders
in railcars

Locomotive overhaul included

Programming decoder

Decoders not included

A little different than usual


Installation of wired NEM decoder in a prepared locomotive

NEM 651, NEM 651, Plux, Next and MTC

Programming decoder

Decoder not included


Full package with all options such as sound, motor and lighting

Locomotive overhaul included

Programming decoder

Decoder not included


Installation of a replacement engine

Programming decoder

Including milling


DTS Hobby Day

No desire to wait very long, waiting times on regular conversion work can exceed 6 months....
Then you can offer your job on a project basis!

We will do your job for an hourly fee of € 45,- per hour excl. VAT (€ 54,45 incl. 21% VAT).

You can express your wishes in the form below!

Register your assignment here!

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