DTS Products

Our DTS Products are all products that will help you digitize your model railroad. All DTS Products are developed and manufactured by us together with Vincent Bogers. The production, assembly and
development are done by hand in the Netherlands.

The exception is the SPROG, which is imported from the United Kingdom. Because of its popularity, the KeerPlus3 is produced in Romania.

Discover the DTS products:

Note regarding the DTS88n products:

The DTS88n products have been removed from the market as of June 2023. The increase in prices made the modules almost as expensive as the alternatives that we are of course happy to provide you with. The DTS88n was an answer to a shortage of good S88
modules, now that this offer is back, we see no reason to maintain the DTS88n product lines any longer.

As of now, the alternative to the DTS88n-CS is the

The alternative to the DTS88n-GND is the
YaMoRC YD6016ES-GND or the
Märklin S88 AC 60881

DTS MidiBielz 

You know that problem of not wanting to align the rail on a block or module separation? Due to temperature and flexibility in bonding, the rails can lose alignment due to movement.

These solderable sleepers are perfect for any module crossing, block crossing or detector separation. By replacing the existing sleepers with these solderable MidiBielz you have the ability to fix the rails, and prevent
That you will suffer from rutting.

You can now find the MidiBielz in our
webshop! Here in the description you will also find a guide on how to use the MidiBielz and helpful tips on how to glue it.

Turn loop solution KeerPlus3 

A homegrown turn loop solution. Very easy to use, inexpensive to purchase and simple to set up. This reversing loop module works 100% on current detection and controls it over 3 sections regardless of the direction of travel.

  • Full current detection
  • 3 sections with the middle one having the length of the longest train
  • To be powered by AC, DC or DCC voltage up to a maximum of 35V
  • Each section switches an output based on current detection
  • The switching outputs are free to use for occupancy detection or switching of any electronics

The module works stand-alone and does not need to be in contact with a control center making it usable even if you are not using a digital control center.

With a retail price of € 44.95, this reversing loop solution is the cheapest in its class, and because it is a proprietary product you can expect fast service and immediate response to problems.

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

ASB4 Controller

There is a lot to do about the use of servos. And this is not entirely unjustified because a servo, in addition to being cheap, is also reliable and energy efficient. But to operate a servo you need electronics, and that’s where for many
model railroaders the problem. Programming a servo decoder is cumbersome and with an OC32 you are stuck with software. And now what if you want to control a servo by hand, because you don’t control the layout via a computer

There are hand-held servo controllers on the market, and home-building is also possible, but none of them have anything that makes the ASB especially unique. Here are the benefits that make the controller so unique:

  • No computer required.
  • Four servos that can be easily adjusted for center position, left, right and speed.
  • Each servo can utilize its maximum deflection.
  • Each servo lets a relay switch with it at its center position.
  • Each relay has two potential-free changeover contacts for polarization or feedback
  • Each servo can be converted with a switch

So the ASB can be used to manually operate a turnout or signal but also via a dcc decoder. The principle is simple via two contacts. One contact sends a signal and when it comes back through a switch, it goes
switch the servo to the next position. If the signal drops again then it goes back.

So no more hassle with decoders to set, programming via a Multimaus or central unit, not having the maximum range available…..

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

Relay Solution HPP4 

A relay board with four double-pole relays. It sounds very complicated but it is not. With the HPP4, connecting heart piece polarization or any other circuit becomes an easy job. With the clear explanation in the manual
Connecting various circuits is readily achievable.

What makes the HPP4 so special:

  • All relays have common V+, the V- is switched making it universally usable.
  • All relays have status notification via a red LED.
  • All relays have two changeover contacts.
  • The indication for point piece polarization is clearly indicated: P for Point Piece, A and B for tracks.
  • All relays have a quench diode.
  • Available with 5V and 12V Relay.
  • Available as a kit or assembled.

Sturdy terminals and durable components ensure long life and reuse.

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!


The DTS LocoHub is a Loconet splitter that provides the bus with its own stable 12V power supply and termination.

When using the DTS LocoHub in conjunction with a digital PBX:

By connecting the cable from the central unit to LocoNet 5 and removing JP1, the power supply from the central unit is not used to power all LocoNet products. Most digital PBXs provide only 500mA on the LocoNet
output which is too little for some applications.

The devices are powered via LocoNet 1 through 4 with the power supply connected to the power connector. However, to JP1 you should also remove the termination JP2.

When using the DTS LocoHub in conjunction with a USB LocoNet Interface:

A USB interface gives the LocoNet no power supply or termination resistance. In that case, insert JP2 to provide termination to the bus. You may also insert JP1 so that LocoNet 5 is also powered. You can use the
cable from the interface and connect the devices to any terminal.

The power supply

Because the LocoHub is equipped with a bridge rectifier and a voltage regulator, it is not polarity sensitive. It is therefore permissible to use an AC voltage or a digital DCC voltage in addition to a DC voltage.

DC: between 15-24V

AC: between 12-20V

DCC: between 15-24V

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

ABC Module

The DTS ABC Module is our answer to the growing demand for semi-automation without a computer. By applying diode braking technology, also known as ABC, it is possible to stop a train in a natural way
for a red signal, switch or platform.

By feeding a section of the layout through the ABC Module, an unequal square wave DC voltage is applied to that section of the layout (Asymmetric DCC signal). Almost any decoder can recognize this and will set the locomotive to the internal
set deceleration delay (CV 4) to a stop.

There is a relay on the module that can be activated by a button, position of signal or switch, or a decoder. On activation, it bridges the diode circuit and the locomotive again receives the usual equal square wave DC voltage
(symmetrical DCC Signal). Then the locomotive will restart at its internally set acceleration delay (CV 3).

The ABC Modules allow you to choose which voltage drop you wish to work with. By simply removing two sweaters, you can choose to work with 3, 4 or 5 diodes in series. Allows you to adjust the voltage drop
vary from 2.1V to 2.8V or even 3.5V.

The ABC Module is available in two versions:

ABC Module 1A which is equipped with diodes with a maximum load of 1 Ampere.

ABC Module 3A which is equipped with diodes with a maximum load of 3 amps.

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

DB Bridge Cell Module

Are you working with undetected sections or turnout lanes on your layout? Then it is important to adjust the voltage of these sections downward so that they are equal to the sections with current detection.

With our new DB Module you can very simply and easily adjust the sections without detection. This prevents failures and false busy signals.

Note: Mounting frame included

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

Lighting Power Supply Print VVP

Interior lighting in carriages, who wouldn’t want that. Until recently, not everyone got hot about it because it also has some drawbacks. For example, it is difficult to provide an LED strip with buffer and rectifier electronics so that
it does not flash and is suitable for both analog and digital use. Another option was to purchase a ready-made strip that often cannot be shortened below 10 centimeters. Also, diffused light is difficult to create
with a fixed strip.

Until the VVP was brought to our attention by us. A very small PCB equipped with rectifier, buffer circuit, dimmer and voltage regulator. An ideal solution to provide any carriage with beautiful stable dimmed interior lighting
provide. The VVP can also be used at a function output of a decoder. For example, to avoid the pwm becoming visible during extreme dimming.

  • Can power any LED strip regardless of brand, type or length.
  • Measuring 16 x 11 x 5 mm, it fits in any carriage out of sight.
  • The buffer is expandable to what you can maximize in capacitors as desired.
  • Suitable for both analog and digital operation.
  • Rated up to a maximum of 25V.

Flashing interior lights and expensive strips are a thing of the past with the VVP.

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!


Stuttering locomotives due to poor contact is a thing of the past with the LocBuffer. It’s not a new concept, we didn’t invent this wheel, but it is greatly improved. The use of SMD materials makes processing a
capacitor switching is possible even in the smallest scales.

  • Fully smd implemented.
  • Choice of Tantalum or Ceramic capacitors.
  • Charging device for avoiding charge spike while discharging quickly.
  • Available in 16V and 25V versions.

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

Power supply PCB VSP

The VSP is designed specifically for stabilizing supply voltages. These are obviously safe to use but please read carefully the text about the heat. Voltage regulators lower the voltage and in exchange it puts those
energy into heat. Estimate your consumption well and, when desired, use heat sinks to dissipate the expelled heat.

The PCBs are rated up to 1 maximum ampere and the voltage regulators are allowed to have a temperature of up to 125 degrees. Above that, the controllers turn themselves off.

You can choose from the following variations:

  • A 5V output variant
  • A 12V output variant
  • A 5V and 12V output variant designed specifically for Dinamo TM-H modules

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

Servo Brackets

The ideal way to mount servos on or under your layout. This card contains 4 servo bracket kits. You simply push the parts out of the card and can easily glue them together with wood glue.

To mount the servos in the brackets, and the brackets on wood, we recommend sheet metal screws 2.9×9.5.

These brackets are made of 3 mm Poplar plywood and are suitable for all 9 gram servos such as the HXT900, TG9e, TG9d and MG90s

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

SPROG-DCC Programmers

Decoder programming is a particularly tricky job, first you have to find out what make and type is in the locomotive. Then search for the manual and if you are unlucky you get a whole tome to work through. And
if you program wrong, everything about the decoder is wrong and you can start all over again.

Many will recognize this or, on the contrary, see it as a reason not to get involved. With the advent of the Sprog, this is over:

  • Programming via computer
  • You build a database of your digital park.
  • You have a backup of the decoder in the database.
  • The software recognizes the make and type of decoder.
  • Each type of decoder has its own datasheet with all the setting divided into categories.
  • All settings have been translated from CV to text.
  • The software is in Dutch.
  • You will receive these with the Sprog on a USB flash drive including all manuals.
  • Almost all DCC decoders are incorporated into the software which is updated monthly.

The difference between the Sprog IIv4 and the Sprog 3 is only the booster. 

  • Sprog IIv4 has a 1 amp booster
  • Sprog 3 has a 3 amp booster

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

iTrain Remote

DTS has developed the iTrain Remote in cooperation with Berros. A virtual interface that allows manual control within iTrain with a hand controller.

The virtual interface allows you to control locomotives and accessories directly in the software rather than through a central controller. This allows you to control all components regardless of the interface to which they are connected.
Also, this solution allows users of the hybrid Dinamo control system to also shunt with analog locomotives!

By using LocoNet hand controllers, you also see real-time locomotive speeds on the hand controller and are able to intervene and influence speeds during automatic driving, without affecting automatic routing
need to be terminated.

During shunting movements iTrain puts the selected locomotive right on manual control, when you run the locomotive iTrain reserves the turnouts you set and the block after the turnout. All train traffic will automatically
stopped and resumed once you reach the next block.

In short, DTS iTrain Remote and iTrain 5 offer you a playful model railroad!

The DTS Products – Ideal technology for your model railroad!

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