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Discover our adventure in The Great Little Trains Competition

The first season of The Great Little Trains Competition on Omroep MAX with Andre van Duin. Team Roze managed to reach the finals!
Read all the reports here 🥰 In the stories you will also find the images of the presentations to the jury!

Dinamo modeltreinbesturing, de stabiele factor!
Dinamo, slimme elektronica voor de miniatuurwereld U zal vast wel eens de term Dinamo horen vallen, […]
Z21 zwart of wit
Een vergelijk tussen twee populaire DCC Centrales De ROCO Z21, op dit moment de meest populaire […]
Wiring on the model railway
Leer uw modeltreinbaan te bedraden als een pro! Dankzij een aantal simpele tips en trucs van […]
Climbing spirals, tips for a higher level!
What are climbing spirals, what do they do and how do you make a Helix? Climbing spirals, or also called [...]
YaMoRC Products explained, discover this new brand at DTS!
In this article, we will tell you all about the YaMoRC Digital technology and give you the [...]
YaMoRC Products
In recent weeks we have been inundated with questions about YaMoRC's stock and when it [...].
What a final!Coming second with half a point difference. Just not winning. Sure does [...]
We're in the finals!!!!! We really didn't see that one coming, and also the episode win [...]
Man what an exciting episode this was, and what a twist at the end say. The [...]
Through the eye of the needle, that was our first reaction to the outcome of this [...]
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