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Unique in the Netherlands! As a DTS customer, your enjoyment of the hobby is very important. We can very well imagine that you experience problems with the application of one of our products. Using the form you can use our support department. You fill in the form below, and after sending it, a ticket will automatically be created for you.

We will use this ticket to contact you as soon as possible contact you as soon as possible.
You can also go directly to our helpdesk portal here and view your tickets

Supplement: If you are submitting a support request for iTrain, please attach your layout file to the request.

Fill out the form below to take advantage of our unique online help desk!

Are there any costs associated with the support?

Our Helpdesk is free for all our customers. Yet we have had to set limits on this, our service is so unique that many individuals want to claim our expertise. We notice that there are many people who need support. As this is often not available for various reasons, we are inundated with questions and requests for support. To ensure that our helpdesk has sufficient focus for our customers we have made a few conditions on providing free support.

When is the support is free:

Condition: The product was purchased from us.

  • When providing digital support through the ticket service
  • When providing teamviewer support up to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • The product group also supported by us

When is support not free:

  • If the product was not purchased from us
  • Once digital support via teamviewer starts taking more time than 30 minutes
  • Once digital support through the ticket service is no longer sufficient
  • Once recourse is made to our "Support at Home" service

When the digital assistance is no longer sufficient, and intensive guidance is needed, this falls under the "paid" support in the form of help at home, 1-on-1 guidance in the workshop or during DTS Hobby Days. In most cases we will advise you in the follow-up process and the possibilities for intensive support. In addition, we have established several user groups on our platform www.modelspoorforum.nl where you can also ask your questions to many users of the products.

Wanneer u toch support wilt op producten die niet bij ons zijn aangeschaft laten wij u uiteraard niet in de kou staan. U kunt support afkopen per consult. Een consult of ticket kost u € 60,- (excl 21% btw) en geeft u recht op 1 support ticket voorzien van 1 kwestie die eenvoudig te verhelpen is. Wanneer er door onze medewerkers wordt bevonden dat het support intensiever zal zijn dan zal hij u informeren over de opties van uitgebreide support tegen een uurtarief van € 60,- (excl 21% btw) per geregistreerd uur.

If you wish to make use of this please indicate this in above form

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