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In recent weeks we have been inundated with questions about YaMoRC’s stock and when it will be restocked. As you have noticed, the brand’s new products are unprecedentedly popular. And of course that raises questions, and rightly so, the question of why?

Why is that?

The explanation is actually quite simple, the brand is fairly new. And just like any other business, you make a forecast to production numbers in the first year. With those numbers, you reserve production time in a factory and go shopping. In the case of YaMoRC, moderately positive estimates were made based on the market at the time.

Now, however, practice indicates more favorable turnover than previously hoped. The products are immensely popular and because of this, production will have to be scaled up. But, this is quite difficult when production slots are already full and components are not freely available. Here, of course, the loss of colleagues in the industry does not work positively, this market is now also looking its way to YaMoRC.

In short, the brand is looking for ways to increase productions, and ensure that all dealers can be adequately supplied. This will take some time, and until this is realized we will have to accept that only small batches can be delivered, which will also run out quickly.

And now?

It is a luxury situation for a start-up, a dream situation, but also a nightmare. There is nothing more annoying than when your products are popular and you cannot produce against demand.

So to everyone who unfortunately missed out, there is plenty coming! But please be patient and, above all, let’s give space to the manufacturer to do its job. The sooner we have the products back in stock and the manufacturer can do what it does best, develop new modules!

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