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Collaboration with DTS

Working together is not something you do alone! That’s why we believe in a strong relationship with our suppliers. Sharing knowledge, transparent communication and reliability enable us to provide our service and support.
To save the world alone will not succeed, and to rule alone is a curse. Two rules that we at DTS see as an obligation.

Yet we also look for good collaborations outside of our suppliers! From the start of our company, we seek collaborations with fellow entrepreneurs so that we can join forces. This
has already resulted in several wonderful collaborations, as well as friendships. Why keep everything to yourself when you can also share, a rule we teach our children, and also for ourselves as a norm in business
may retain.

Thus, we like to share our colleagues with knowledge in digital technology, or when they need products. It also happens the other way around, so we also enjoy the expertise of our colleagues!

We cooperate with these companies:

Model Railroad Association the Drift Rod

The Drijfstang is a model railroad club in Nunspeet where young and old enjoy their hobby. In their own clubhouse, they work on two model railroads in N and H0 scales with not only moving trains,
as well as streetcars and vehicles (MCC). Twice a year the association organizes driving days where all model railroads are displayed for the public.

In addition to Martin, Ellen and Arnaud’s membership, DTS sponsors the association with services, products and support.


You can build with that, THERE, specializes in building custom wood and aluminum model railroad structures. With attention milled modules, aluminum structures, transport cases or workbenches. Nothing is Daniel
and Arno too crazy. 

This company from Oss presents itself as a High-end construction builder, with an eye for detail and finish. Whether milling, cutting or laser cutting, no challenge is too crazy for DAAR!

DTS leverages construction expertise, with DAAR providing the modular model railways for our workshop. 

A top collaboration between DTS and DAAR

MCC ModelCarParts

MCC ModelCarParts has been alongside DTS for many years as a supplier of laser-cut module construction and structures. Thanks to their efforts, we can effectively build our model railroads for you the customer. We also supply their standard
modules through our

However, this company is not best known for their constructions, but for, as the name suggests, their specialty in the MCC auto control system. The digital vehicles are definitely an enhancement to your model railroad!

A top collaboration between DTS and MCC ModelCarParts

Jeroen Balkema Model railway engineering

Jeroen Balkema is an authority on software. Very proficient in iTrain and expert on the BidiB digital system. We work with Jeroen a lot in the development of iTrain, something where his talents are very well expressed
coming. He also engages, as we do, in commissioned construction of model railroads. In which Jeroen gets to perform some very special tasks after all!

We also often hire Jeroen for projects as an additional force. We also utilize his skills in media, audio, and software engineering

A top collaboration between DTS and Jeroen Balkema


Grootendorst, one of the oldest stores in the Netherlands in the always beautiful Woerden. This company may be Martin’s first collaboration. As a teenager, he was one of the first to use the revolutionary mail order service
of this company. When DTS was founded, the two immediately reconnected with each other with which a fine cooperation was established.

Grootendorst is best known for its large and lavishly stocked store in the center of Woerden. Quiet, well organized combined with tremendous hospitality from Johan and his wife. Highly recommended to visit!

A top collaboration between DTS and Grootendorst


This company started DTS, and has been very important to the start-up phase of our company. (the parent company) led by Mischa, then still went through life as Misha introduced
DTS at the Houten trade show by making a conversion service available at its booth. After DTS became large enough to stand on its own two feet, the cooperation never ceased. 

Crazy-Trains is known for its laser-cut buildings, micromotors and decoders!

A top collaboration between DTS and Crazy-Trains

The Train shed

The Train Shed is one of the most reliable buyers today. Not a standard buyer as many are familiar with, but a specialist with an understanding of business, and an understanding of a good price. Do you want to get rid of your model railroad? Train shed
makes it easy and offers you the best price for your model trains!

How it works.
Stop by, or email us photos of your items. We will request a price from Train Pilot and get back to you. Do you agree with the price offered? Then you deliver to us
your belongings, and we will pay you directly. Easy, reliable, direct, fast and good!

A top collaboration between DTS and Train shed

Model Railroad Association Dronten

MSVD is arguably the largest model railroad club in Flevoland. Based in Dronten, MSVD members meet weekly at their clubhouse to enjoy the hobby. An association for young and old where knowledge, support
and togetherness is central.

DTS supports the association with services, products and discounts.

A special thanks

Sometimes you have companies that go the extra mile. Suppliers, colleagues or manufacturers who provide us with advice, assistance and knowledge. This knowledge provided by them we in turn use in the improvement of our services, service,
education and support. This knowledge is selflessly shared with us by them, where in addition to giving back our knowledge and support, we can at least take a moment to say thank you to the following entrepreneurs
To whom we individually owe something:

Minima Forma

Evan Deas, known to most as a judge of The Great Little Trains Competition, best known to connoisseurs as a master builder. Evan truly builds the most beautiful model railroads in his studio just outside Antwerp! Among the audience
already called the new Brandl, this Belgian remains humble. Yet many already know that Minima Forma should not be missing from the watch lists!

We received many tips, tricks and handles from Evan for our job building. Tips that we then use with great pleasure and gratitude to take our quality to the next level!

Drenth Design & Consulting

Karst Drenth is not only a techie pure and simple, someone who invents and develops the smartest techniques. It is also a passionate craftsman pure and simple! And he enjoys sharing that passion, as well as his knowledge of digital technology.
As a developer of technology for several major brands, he is certainly someone highly regarded among developers of digital technology.

Karst supports us with technical knowledge in the field of digital model railroading. His knowledge is an inexhaustible resource for us, which we put to good use in our workshops, help desk, support and consulting!

VPEB Electronics & Control Engineering

VPEB led by Leon van Perlo is best known for the hybrid Dinamo system, the OC32 multifunction decoder and the MCC car control system. Each one revolutionary products that, at launch, were way ahead of their time
ahead. And still there are no products to match the multi-functionality of the three systems. Each one is one of a kind and unique in the model railroad world! 

Leon has supported DTS from the very beginning, even before we were officially founded. Dinamo was the first system Martin worked with, and from then on we learned a lot from Leon, and enjoyed a lot of support
from VPEB.

ML Scale Model Building

Marco Lievense, we have yet to meet this good-humored artist, has taken on a new task. A specialist when it comes to weathering buildings and trains. Originally made its name in tank modeling and
airplanes, he is creating a storm in model railroading. With the most realistic results with simple techniques, he is part of the HobbyTime demo team.

Marco shares with us a lot of knowledge when it comes to aging buildings, knowledge that is very valuable for us to get fast and good results when we are building. We also hire Marco to conduct workshops,
Because we too are happy to share his technique with you!

Lars op ‘t hof Scenery

Lars op ‘t Hof is primarily known for his fibers and mats, high-end scenery products! Not many people know that he also builds model railroads. In his studio, beautiful creations come to fruition that often appear on the
are indistinguishable from the real thing at first glance. 

Without his tips, tricks and especially products, we could not have gotten the level of scenery to the current level so quickly. His down-to-earth and honest outlook is important to us.

Martin Welberg

Who is not familiar with Martin Welberg’s products? Like Lars op ‘t Hof, Martin truly delivers the finest fibers and mats to dress up the model layout quickly and High-end. In addition to manufacturing products, Martin primarily builds
model layouts, all of them of a high standard!

Martin is a motivator for us, someone who creates opportunities and knows how to open doors in addition to inspiration. 

Model with Mike Wagenaar at the helm, specializes in repairing, maintaining and digitizing model trains. Mike is known as a craftsman for whom quality is more important than quantity. 

For us, the perfect partner to work with and share the many jobs in the workshop!

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